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Medical Services in Iraq

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Normally, sales reps who wanted to pitch a new medical device or piece of medical equipment to a hospital or other medical provider usually approached the doctors at the practice. But now with the chance that this section offers, clients and suppliers can contact directly with no third party involved, which makes the process much easier.

It’s very important to keep your health in check while you are at home. For instance, when high blood pressure is not controlled, patients are at a high risk for heart attack, brain aneurysm, or stroke. Home blood pressure monitoring can be very effective. for those reasons, it’s best to buy a blood pressure monitor and using it constantly at home. Those results from home can help your doctor make the most informed decisions about your medications and the necessary treatment plan. In this section, you can find all the needed medical services and devices to help you stay healthy.

Finding Medical Services on OpenSooq
You can browse easily on your computer or on the mobile application for all related products and services, in a well organized categories:

  1. Type the medical service/product name in the search box

  2. Compare and choose from the results what suits you the most.

  3. Contact the seller via chatting, commenting or calling in case you are interested in the services/product and the price.

These simple steps ensures finding you what you are looking for from the comfort of your home, lunch break at your office or when you have some free time between your daily activities. You can always offer your services as well, and simply wait for offers from potential clients using free posts, this way you can make a good profit and keep your expenses to the minimum.

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