Birds in Iraq

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Birds in Iraq

Everything You Need to Know About Love Birds

Meet the smallest most popular version of parrots, originating from Africa. Lovebirds, these adorable creatures have nine types, come in a variety of colors and can proudly sing. With the right care, they can live up to 15 years, they're very energetic and truly inspiring as when they mate, they mate for life and their bond is rarely broken. If you're interested in buying a pair, you'll need to have some basic lovebirds knowledge first in order to be able to take care of them.

Caring for Love Birds


Lovebirds can eat various fruits, vegetables, grasses, and seeds. They can only drink fresh and clean, chlorine-free water, so if their water has been sitting there for a while they will not drink it. They follow a healthy diet, sugars and fats are not for them.


Get them the largest cage possible, they need to feel free, otherwise, they might get a little crazy. Stock it with as many toys as you can get, but remember that they are strong chewers so don't get them something they can tear and swallow. Don't forget to clean the cage regularly using minimal cleaning products.


Lovebirds enjoy the water, give them two baths per week to keep them clean and trim their nails with the help of a professional to avoid any injuries.

Health & Common Conditions

Lovebirds are prone to diseases like chlamydiosis, Diarrhea, and nutritional deficiencies due to a poor diet.

Lovebirds make for a really nice anniversary gift, take a look at our Birds section on Opensooq and find your special pet.

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